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In The Mix

Opening February 1, 2014 
Reception for the artists February 6, 5-7pm 

K. Imperial Fine Art is pleased to announce its first exhibition of 2014, In The Mix, featuring gallery artists Tahiti Pehrson, Mila Libman, Mario Trejo, Richard Garrison, and Kevin Earl Taylor. In The Mix will showcase conceptual works that explore themes of the natural world and contemporary culture.  The exhibition opens February 1, 2014 with a reception for the artists February 6th from 5 - 7pm. 
On display will be new work by Tahiti Pehrson who continues to pursue the notions of connectivity, repetition, and complex architectural forms in the natural world. Pehrson is expanding his use of materials as he delves into the nuances of woods such as Birch and Douglas Fir. Lanteen Avrinier is a 25” x 25” meticulously hand carved ornate geometric pattern that emphasizes his interest in re-generation.
Mila Libman will be exhibiting her large-scale charcoal and ink works on paper; photographic in their nature, the works oscillate between reality and fiction, representation and abstraction.  In response to her photographs of waterscapes, Libman transforms her drawings allowing her process of manipulating materials to lead the way. For Libman, scale and composition play a crucial role in how the viewer experiences each image.

New to the gallery are artists Mario Trejo, Richard Garrison, and Kevin Earl Taylor. Trejo’s work is the accumulation of thousands of quickly drawn idiosyncratic marks. The rendering of a multitude of rings in varying densities ultimately begins to resemble small universes. Each piece is a product of an obsessively arduous performance of repeated gesture. Richard Garrison creates rigorous formulas and systems that reflect personal observations and interactions with elements of suburban consumer culture.  In contrast, the works on paper by Kevin Earl Taylor depict the symbiotic relationship that exposes the animal within the human paradigm. Taylor’s work suggests that our civil surroundings have lead to a physical detachment from nature that ultimately results in a deeper internal struggle.
In The Mix will be on view through the month of February. For further information or to inquire about the work, please contact 415.277.7230 or K. Imperial Fine Art is located at 49 Geary, suite 440. Tuesday – Friday 11am -6pm, Saturday 11am-5:30 and by appointment.

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